The obligation began on March 7, 2017 in Italy. it’s about the prior notification of posting (“ comunicazione preventiva di distacco “) Which must be carried out using the UNI _CAB _UE communication model within the platform detachment from EU prepared by the ministry of labor since December 22, 2016. PRIOR RULE: before posting an employee to Italy send the paper form to the e-mail address:

In this way, foreign companies will have to use the online procedure to make the prior declaration of secondment of staff employed in Italy before midnight the day before the first operation. Those who have already communicated by e-mail will not be invited to request another one. Those who have submitted it and need to cancel or modify it will have to continue the process with a new online communication. To allow immediate confirmation of communications by the supervisory bodies, copies of these communications must always be kept on board the vehicle, containing the following information:

  • contact details of the service provider / sending company; contact details of posted workers; personal data and domicile of the contact person in accordance with art. 10, paragraph 3, lett. b) legislative decree 136/2016; contact details.

It is also recalled, with regard to the establishment of the UNI_ CAB_UE form, that in section 3.1.1 relating to the duration of the secondment, the date of the first cabotage operation carried out on Italian territory – start date of the posting – as well as that of the last cabotage carried out before leaving our territory – end date of posting. Finally, it should be borne in mind that as a foreign posting company which will have to carry out the transmission of the communication for the first time, it will have to acquire access identifiers specific to the system available on the institutional portal of the Ministry of Labor , by means of a prior registration with insertion of the identification data of the foreign company. With the credentials received when registering for Cliclavoro, you can access the “Company” box – which can be viewed after selecting the user profile – in the reserved area. Then you will need to click on “Add” and proceed with the registration of the foreign company (the tax code should not be entered, but check the box “I do not have a VAT number.” And fill in the “Identification code” field).

For any registration problem or request for representation in Italy, we GRAM TAX AND PETROLEUM makes available to dedicated email addresses: +33 7 67 91 23 07.

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