Who are we

Representation of transport company and employee secondment

Gramtax & Petroleum offers you the representation of your company for a single monthly subscription which includes several services in the following countries: FRANCE; BELGIUM; GERMANY; NETHERLANDS; LUXEMBOURG, or in other countries….

The GRAMTAX team is made up of experienced lawyers

GRAMTAX has the particularity of having Doctors of Law from the Faculty of Aix-en-Provence, specialists in contract and transport law. Our European team has created service delivery modules tailored to the needs of each client.
The international team of GRAMTAX is multilingual, we understand the needs of the diversity of the transport professions, essential to develop in Europe, we help our customers to develop and carry out their activity in compliance with the requirements of the regulations in France and in Europe.

GRAMTAX - trusted representative in the following countries

GRAMTAX is trusted representative in countries like: BELGIUM, GERMANY, NETHERLANDS, LUXEMBOURG, AUSTRIA, ITALY and DENMARK. Our international team is made up of doctors in tax law who can answer all your questions.