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Address: 76 VIA NOVA 83600 FREJUS France
Phone: 04 22 54 25 06
SAS with a capital of 4000 €
SIRET: 89170000700018
Director of publication: Laurent Auvray

Terms of use


“Subsidiaries” means any existing or future entity which, directly or indirectly, controls, is controlled or is under the common control of GRAMTAX.

“Personal data” means personal data as defined in European regulations supplemented by our Privacy policy.

“User (s)” or “You” and “Your” refers to any individual who connects to this Website, whether they identify themselves or not.

“We” or “Our” refers to GRAMTAX.

“Terms of Use” means the conditions that govern your access and use of the Website.

“Website” designates this Website accessible from the address


GRAMTAX has decided to publish, administer and make accessible this Website.

Access to the Website is subject to compliance with the Terms of Use.

Access and use of the Website implies acceptance of the Terms of Use. The Conditions of Use that apply are those in force when the User connects to the Website. GRAMTAX is free to modify all or part of the Terms of Use at any time, implying any additions, modifications or deletions. These changes are assumed to have been brought to the attention of Users by simply posting them online. However, in the event of a modification of the Terms of Use deemed substantial by the person responsible for the publication, the latter may decide to notify the User by e-mail of said changes. In all cases, once online, the conditions of use are deemed to have been accepted without reservation by the User because of his access to the Website. Consequently, the User is invited to refer to the Terms of Use at each connection in order to be aware of the latest version online.

Purpose of the website

The main purpose of the Website is to provide Users with information about GRAMTAX as well as their respective activities.

Access to the website

Anyone can have access to the Website.

GRAMTAX reserves the right to modify, suspend, restrict or interrupt access to all or part of the Website, including access to its content and services without prior notification.

Any equipment that the User uses to connect to the Website must comply at all times with the laws and regulations in force when connecting. In the event of an interruption to the Website, due to the equipment of a User, he must immediately disconnect said equipment.

In addition, any User of the Website is connected using recent equipment and equipped with an anti-virus system, as well as a latest generation internet browser. In addition, he undertakes not to use the Website to transmit or store malicious programs (for example and without limitation, viruses, Trojans, scripts or other programs with malicious intent) nor to interrupt or interfere in the normal functioning of the Website.

Intellectual property

The Website, as well as all its constituent elements (including without limitation the know-how, brands, trade secrets, texts, presentations, tutorials, videos, photographs, downloadable documents, logos or others) and related materials are protected by intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to, copyright, the sui generis right of the database producer, domain names, trademarks, logos or others) as well as the neighboring rights of GRAMTAX and / or publishers who have granted operating licenses to GRAMTAX.

Except in the event of prior written authorization from GRAMTAX, the User will not operate or modify, reproduce, share, edit, translate, adapt, download or publish all or part of the Website and or its elements. constitutive, in any form whatsoever, from any media whatsoever and for any reason whatsoever (commercial, promotional or other)

Failure to comply with these obligations may constitute an act of infringement and / or an act of unfair competition or parasitism which may lead to civil or criminal action against the User.

GRAMTAX aims to provide you with a high quality service. In this perspective, GRAMTAX is working to improve its services by relying on the use of the Website.

Confidentiality and protection of your personal data

GRAMTAX will take all necessary administrative, organizational and technical measures as required by legislation and good market practice for the protection and security of your personal data. All details relating to the use of your data are specified in the Privacy Policy.

GRAMTAX will not disclose your data, except legal obligation or written permission on your part and will not transmit your data and undertakes not to communicate them to third parties, including the Subsidiaries of its Group as well as entities which, directly or indirectly, control, are controlled or are under the common control of GRAMTAX.

You acknowledge that you know that the Website is hosted by our host. We do not guarantee that this hosting service will be uninterrupted, completely secure or error free. You accept the fact that we use an external host and that as such cannot control the actions of this host. By accepting these Terms of Service, you agree to the host’s terms of service, which can be found on the host’s website. Notwithstanding the other provisions of the Terms of Use, and within the limits of applicable law, you acknowledge that we cannot be responsible for the acts or omissions of the host.

Hypertext links

The Website may contain hypertext links to third-party websites that do not belong to and are not under the control of GRAMTAX.

GRAMTAX does not in any way guarantee the content found on any Website whatsoever to which the User may have accessed while browsing from our Website. When the User connects to a third-party website, he does so at his own risk and peril and recognizes that GRAMTAX is not responsible for the content, advertising, products or any other element found on said third-party websites. . The User also acknowledges that GRAMTAX is in no way responsible, and cannot be held liable for any damage that may result from the use of a third-party website. References to third-party companies and their websites are in no way recommendations and are provided for informational purposes only.

Also, concerning the websites to which said hypertext links refer, GRAMTAX cannot be held responsible for their conditions of access, the services offered there, their content and / or the elements present therein, updates. which are made there or any other action made on these Websites. If you decide to use a hyperlink to a Third Party Website, you do so at your own risk. When using a Third Party Website, you will be required to comply with the Terms of Use of such websites.


Despite GRAMTAX’s best efforts in deploying and maintaining the Website, errors, inaccuracies or omissions may still be present. Within the limits authorized by French law, GRAMTAX rejects and excludes all guarantees, terms, conditions and representations resulting from the law applicable to the Website. Furthermore, GRAMTAX does not guarantee that the Website does not contain errors and that the platform will not be corrupted by a virus or any other component, or that errors and defects will be corrected. The User must take his own precautions in this regard.

Persons identifying themselves on the Website are responsible for all use of their account (including their username and password) as well as their e-mail address. Users with an account are solely responsible for the security of their password and must consider this information confidential. If the User suspects that a third party knows or is using his username or password, he must then immediately inform GRAMTAX at the following address: . GRAMTAX reserves the right to deactivate the username or password, whether chosen by you or allocated by GRAMTAX, at any time if we can legitimately consider that you have not complied with the provisions set out in the Conditions of use.

GRAMTAX will make its best efforts to ensure access to the Website. However, the connection may be unstable or suffer drops, especially during maintenance. GRAMTAX can in no way be held responsible for the unavailability of the Website, and the consequences which would result therefrom including but not limited to, loss of profits, loss of turnover, loss of savings, loss of luck, loss of data or damage to reputation.

GRAMTAX does not offer any guarantee concerning interruptions, risks or malfunctions of connection, excess connection to the Website, unauthorized intrusion on the Website by third parties, and the presence of viruses on the Website. GRAMTAX can in no way be held responsible for the use of its Website, and the consequences which would result therefrom including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of turnover, loss of savings, loss of opportunity. , loss of data or damage to reputation.

Applicable right

The Terms of Use are subject to French law. These Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between GRAMTAX and the User. They prevail and replace any previous agreement or still in force, written or oral, relating to the same subject, and prevail in the event of conflict with other conditions.

The Terms of Use are drawn up in several languages. In the event of a conflict of interpretation, the French version prevails. In the event of a conflict concerning the validity, interpretation and / or application of the Terms of Use, GRAMTAX and the User agree to meet to seek an amicable solution to their conflict.

In the event that the parties fail to reach an amicable agreement, any action concerning the interpretation, validity and / or application of the Terms of Use, will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Paris, including in the case of multiple applicants or action by a third party intended to obtain an emergency or protective measure.


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Director of publication: Laurent Auvray

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SAS with a capital of 4000 €
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